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Our customers use Brilliant Assessments for Detailed Assessments based on their area of expertise. They:

  • Deliver comprehensive Risk Assessments, Cybersecurity Assessments, IT Assessments, and other technical, domain-specific assessments..
  • Leverage their best domain experts to create a repeatable assessment process that consistently delivers the highest quality feedback reporting at a low ongoing cost.
  • Use customizable benchmarking to reinforce their depth of expertise and provide added value.
  • Use Cohort functionality to combine multiple responses from leaders in various areas, or synthesize a wide range of employees’ responses to obtain a consensus view. 
  • Automate periodic repeat assessments (iterations) to measure improvement and assess how they can improve further.
  • Partner with companies with downstream exposure to advise their clients.
  • Globalize their expert assessments and collect payment through the software for responses, cohorts, or in-depth reports.

Flexible Expert Assessment Creation and Management

  • Intuitive WYSIWYG assessment builder makes it easy for domain experts to add and change expert assessments directly
  • Sections and sub-sections that group questions and feedback logically give high granularity in results.
  • Unlimited instructions (including images and videos) can appear anywhere in the assessment to add context and details.
  • A wide range of Answer formats allow for a wide range of question types. Answer formats include Single choice, Multiple choice, Text Boxes (one line and multiple), Sliders, Matrix, Ranking statements with drag and drop, Dropdown lists, Numerics, Image, a,d video or document upload, plus specialist formats like NPS, Symantec differentiation and Least/Most and user-configured, out-of-the-box answer sets.
  • Conditional question/subsection/section logic with multiple combinations, both on the page and across sections, focuses the assessment for the respondent.  
  • Answer piping personalizes the assessment further.
  • Calculations allow for mathematics and logic to be performed on numbers entered or selected for calculating returns or similar.

Fully Managed Expert Assessment Responses

  • Initiate an assessment via email invitation, sent by the system individually or from an uploaded list, using our API, or by users following a link on your website.
  • Individual responses and Group (Cohort) responses can be user initiated, including the ability for a user to invite and manage their own list of respondents.
  • Generate customizable, branded emails with unique encoded URL to take the assessment.
  • Expert response entry is optimized for all platforms – mobile, tablet, and desktop — and accessible from anywhere.
  • Expert input can include image and video uploads, or any other file type.
  • Channel Partners and Customers can be given secure access to manage Expert responses.
  • Credit card interface is available for both individual and cohort assessments.

Automatic Expert Feedback Report Generation

  • Reports are based on assessment answers and scoring, and set up by the Assessment author.
  • Merges text with a personalized Word template for fully customized and branded presentation.
  • Graphically designed templates are available to facilitate the creation of a beautiful report with minimal effort.
  • Scores and ratings (score ranges) can be calculated at the assessment, section, or sub-section levels, plus cross-assessment segmentation for complex requirements.
  • 17 separate charting styles, each with a multitude of options, enhance presentation.
  • Detailed Expert feedback is available for ratings (score ranges) for the assessment, sections, subsections, and each individual answer if desired.
  • Individual feedback report becomes immediately available after completion, or can be automatically emailed to the user as a PDF. Cohort reports are produced automatically after completion date.
  • Multiple reports can be available, including the ability to charge for detailed reports.

Expert Cohort Reporting

  • Combine multiple responses into beautiful, detailed cohort reports using our templates and the same flexible merge Word technology as Feedback Reporting.
  • Flexible, user-defined organization structure facilitates report production at multiple levels.
  • Iterations at any level, Individuals or Cohorts, show program effectiveness or change over time.
  • Reporting can be averaged for cohort, or segmented using an unlimited variety of criteria, including results by respondent.
  • 17 separate charting options are available,  including line, bar, column. pie, spiderweb, donut, polar, stacked bars, histograms and heat charts.

Cloud-Based and White-Labeled

  • Assessments and reports are fully branded by you.
  • Access your assessments  from anywhere, 24×7, to provide maximum coverage.
  • Create your own personalized sub-domains: either [your name], or assessments.[your domain].com

Comprehensive Analysis

  • Dashboard for graphical analysis of scoring at all levels  (assessments, sections, sub-sections, segments and individual questions) provides a high-level overview.
  • Analysis can be broken down by flexible system-defined criteria or classifiers, which are user-defined and unlimited.
  • Cross-assessment and cross-version comparison is available.
  • Compare individual or group respondents’ results over time.
  • All data is available for download to drive in-depth reporting, utilizing tools like Excel and Tableau.

Assessment and Report Creation by Brilliant Assessments

  • Collaborate with our team of experienced assessment creators who help you efficiently create assessments and reports to kick start your implementation.

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