Double the conversion effectivness of your website

Our assessment software tool redefines Interactive Content Marketing. It generates a fully personalised feedback report that inspires engagement.

Use Brilliant Assessments for generating Interactive Content Marketing. You can:

  • Use Assessments and detailed feedback to deliver real value to buyers from the get-go
  • Fully engage buyers when and where they want – at their own pace and initiation
  • Showcase your expertise and ability to improve their business
  • Tailor content to their specific needs to magnify that content’s conversion success rate
  • Focus future interactions by obtaining unique insights into their needs
  • Integrate your CRM using Zapier, including the answers to key questions

Flexible Assessment Creation and Management

  • WYSIWYG assessment builder makes it easy to add and change assessments
  • Unlimited questions per assessment
  • Answer types are both preconfigured and user-configurable
  • Sections and sub-sections group questions and feedback logically
  • Include instructions (including videos and images) anywhere in the assessment
  • Conditional question logic is available with multiple combinations, and also across sections
  • Drag-and-drop interface allows whole assessments, sections, sub-sections, questions and answers to the same or other assessments, to be copied or moved
  • Calculate scores or ratings at all levels with advanced scoring options
  • Our experienced team of authors can if required, collaborate with you on the authoring of assessments

Fully Managed Responses

  • Responses can be initiated by a link on your website, email, from our respondent portal, or from SalesForce or other CRM using our API
  • Payment options are available in the respondent portal using Stripe
  • Our assessments are optimized for all platforms – mobile, tablets or desktop
  • Create customizable, branded emails with unique encoded URL to deliver the assessment
  • Response entry via a fully branded interface
  • User input can include image and video uploads, or any other file type

Automatic Feedback Report Generation

  • Feedback is dependent on assessment answers and scoring, set up by Assessment Manager
  • Fully customized and branded presentation by merging text with a personalized Word template
  • Summary recommendations based on ratings made at the assessment, section or sub-section levels
  • Detailed recommendations based on individual answers
  • Multiple graphing options enhance presentation
  • Report can be automatically emailed to the respondent as a PDF or manually distributed as a PDF or as a Word document
  • Report can be delivered to the respondent portal, which retains all reports for future reference or comparison

Advanced Rating and Scoring

  • Flexible scoring options are available to generate ratings
  • Ratings are also available for the entire assessment, sections, sub-sections and individual questions
  • Ratings are also available for additional cross-section segmentation
  • Deploy multiple rating strategies, with weightings, for detailed marketplace analysis

Cohort Reporting

  • Cohort Reporting groups a cohort of respondents – great for showing alignment or the comparative strengths and weaknesses of different respondents.
  • Also used to group several responses from a single respondent to show change over time.
  • Unlimited Cohort Reports can be defined by Administrators or Assessment Managers.
  • “Customer Ready” cohort reports use the same merge word technology as Feedback Reporting.
  • Reporting can be averaged for cohort, show each individually (with an alias) or a combination of both.
  • Graphical options include line, bar, column. pie, spiderweb, donut, and heat charts.

Cloud-Based and White-Labeled

  • Your own branding on the Assessment and feedback report
  • Make assessments available via your public website (initiated by api and email), via subscription or via assessor-management
  • Enterprise Edition: includes options for personalised sub-domains – either [your name], or assessments.[your domain].com

Comprehensive Analysis

  • View a graphical analysis of scoring at all levels – assessments, sections, sub-sections, segments and individual questions
  • The scoring analysis can be broken down for analysis at any level by respondent, group, business, or the answer to specific questions
  • Compare with different assessments and different versions
  • Over time compare individual or group respondents’ results
  • On-screen and PDF output
  • All data available for download to drive in-depth reporting utilizing tools like Excel and Tableau

Assessment Authoring by Brilliant Assessments

  • Collaborate with our team of experienced assessment content creators who efficiently compose assessments to both get the best from your audience and provide on-point feedback to respondents

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