The Catalyst Effect is a team leadership development company. They use detailed 360 assessments to help develop client team members learn to Lead From Wherever They Are (c). The Catalyst Effect

Courtney Says:

"Hi, I'm Courtney Salati, president of the Catalyst Effect. And the Catalyst Effect is based upon 12 competencies and four cornerstones that are made up of behaviors. And these behaviors are what Catalysts exhibit, and they're trainable. So these are the people who when they walk into the room, make everyone around them better. And the best way to help people become the best version of themselves is to give them real data on how they show up, what people think about the way they show up, the impact they have, and then they know what they do well and they have opportunities to grow."

We needed a 360 Assessment Platform

"And so this is where Brilliant came in, because we needed a platform that could be custom designed to these specific 12 competencies, applicable for leaders at any level, and also that could be strengths based and not just identify where people needed to change their behaviour. So it's a super customised competency model based for individual contributors all the way up to executives. And we needed the same type of flexibility in a platform as well."

Brilliant Assessments delivers on 360 Assessments

"We have received so much feedback about the report, about how customized it is and how personal it feels, and that's because it is. Brilliant has done an amazing job helping us to customize these results so that it truly speaks to the participant and the way in which they can action the feedback they get from their assessment."

Provides growth opportunities

"As the Catalyst Effect has grown, Brilliant's software has grown with us. As soon as we go, "Hey, is this possible?" The team goes, "I don't know, let's figure it out." And it always has been. And so yes, they increase their functionality to continue to support customers as we grow."

They care about our success

"We know that the team cares about our success. So, when issues come up, it's not just an informational email or a number we can't reach. We know the people behind the scenes, and we know that they care about fixing our issue as much as we do."

A true Partner

"There are so many assessment providers out there and some are really good and really complex, but anybody who wants creative control over what their assessment looks like and what their customers experience, Brilliant is a true partner in that area. And so creative control and partnership, if that's what you're looking for, Brilliant is absolutely a provider that can come alongside of you and grow with you and deliver results."

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