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Our assessment software tool generates a fully personalised feedback report that inspires engagement.

Assessments Made Easy

Our software tool is intuitive for use by non-IT personnel.  Domain experts can create and adjust all aspects of the assessment themselves. They use MS Word to create sophisticated, beautiful reports.

Intelligent Scoring Algorithms

Scoring is completely automated at all levels - no formulas to write, maintain and debug.  Advanced scoring options available for the most complex assessments.

Detailed Feedback Reports

Comprehensive feedback reports are produced by merging an MS Word template with unlimited graphics and feedback text based on system calculated ratings and individual answers.

Accessible from anywhere

Our software tool is Software as a Service giving you business flexibility and high security. Responses are optimized to be completed on all platforms – mobiles, tablets and desktops.

100% white-labelled for your brand

You add your own branding and URLs to integrate the tool into your company’s online offerings.  Word merge is used to produce highly personalised and branded reports.

Multi Lingual

Assessments, Responses and Feedback Reports can be in any language, to make your assessments truly engaging for a global audience.

“We have total control over every aspect of the assessment within the software – the questions, the answers, the feedback, the ratings, everything.”

Megan Barclay – Be. Accessible Programme Director
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Our customers range from Fortune Global 500 companies to start ups.  They use the Brilliant Assessments software tool in very diverse ways:

For Employee Exams and Assessments they:

  • Leverage the flexibility of the tool to address a huge variety of different requirements.
  • Combine exams and assessments with videos, images, and unlimited formatted text for training or to bring context to the assessment.
  • Use assessments to measure employee cultural or strategic alignment.
  • Utilize assessor functionality for scoring text based answers.
  • Use the flexibility of our feedback reporting to provide the employee personalized, focused mentoring or training.
  • Combine responses using cohort reporting for 360’s, to measure team alignment or to evaluate training effectiveness.
  • Use benchmarking to provide immediate added insight to each respondent.
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For Interactive Content Marketing they:

  • Use Assessments and detailed feedback to deliver real value to buyers from the get-go
  • Fully engage when and where buyers want to – at their own pace and initiation
  • Showcase their expertise and their capability to improve a buyers business
  • Use conditional question logic to tighten the focus on buyers specific requirements
  • Tailor feedback report content to their buyer’s precise needs to magnify its conversion success rate
  • Obtain unique insight into their buyer’s needs to target future interactions

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For Cyber Security Assessments they:

  • Rebrand and customize one of our templated cybersecurity assessments to get to market quickly
  • Provide client organizations with a repeatable and measurable process to inform management and boards of cybersecurity risks and preparedness
  • Use benchmarking to reinforce their depth of expertise and provide added value.
  • Provide periodic repeat assessments to measure improvement and assess how they can improve further.
  • Partner with companies with downstream risks (eg.insurance companies) to advise their clients.
  • Collect payment through the software to globalize their expert cybersecurity assessments

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For Company Assessments they:

  • Systematize their expertise by offering company assessments that evaluate the performance of processes and systems of their clients, and recommend opportunities for improvement
  • Nurture excellence in business and people
  • Use benchmarks to provide additional depth with objective measures.
  • Combine responses from across their client organization to measure alignment.
  • Periodically repeat assessments to report improvement and assess how they can improve further
  • Collect payment through the software to globalize their expert company assessments

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For Risk Assessments they:

  • Use detailed assessments and in-depth feedback to deliver risk assessment reports accurately and cost effectively
  • Either have customers complete the risk assessment themselves or provide it to assessors as an evaluation tool
  • Guarantee that every report is consistent with their organization’s standards
  • Produce highly professional, branded reports automatically
  • Utilize assessor functionality to score or comment on complex situations.
  • Collect payment through the software to globalize their expert risk assessments

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For IT Assessments they:

  • Perform Needs analysis and generate a comprehensive feedback report
  • Generate standardized proposals based on the responses to in-depth questionnaire
  • Produce ISO and ITIL compliant reports documenting processes
  • Assess the IT organization to ensure that it is optimal for their companies requirements and providing the best ROI
  • Produce highly professional, branded reports automatically
  • Combine contributions from several people in the organization in one report

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