VanRein Compliance is a leading consultancy and training company for HIPPA, GDPR, and other security protocols.  Their brilliant assessments are both advisor and customer-driven - in each case producing high-quality comprehensive reports for their clients to understand their security risk profile. Read more: VanRein Compliance

VanRein uses assessor-driven assessments to automate the production of the highest quality reports based on their client's detailed input. Since implementing Brilliant Assessments they have also offered clients the option of completing their own assessments, and utilizing Brilliant Assessments Assessor functionality, they then add further value before producing reports. They now use iterations to drive annual compliance reassessment and have used Brilliant Assessments' API to integrate into They use that tool to project manage their client's implementation of the assessment recommendations.

Rob says:

"I'm Rob Van Buskirk. I'm the co-founder of Vanrein Compliance, and we help businesses simplify their compliance needs to secure the future and reduce their risk. We needed an assessment tool to assist us perform HIPAA and high-tech assessments here in the United States. Also help with GDPR assessments, California Consumer Privacy Acts, and other assessment needs throughout the world."

Brilliant Assessments is simple to use and very robust.

"We found Brilliant Assessments to be very simple to use and have very robust back-end to help our clients understand their risk. What we were looking for is a way to really be able to take a complex assessment, distill it down to what's needed and have very robust reporting. So our clients just don't know what they don't know, and you don't know your risk until you've been assessed. So what we found is that back-end reporting was so just robust and clear and simple to read that our clients really enjoyed that".

Assessments with fully customized reporting

"I also like the ability to customize the back-end reports, everywhere from you could have different types of bars and different types of fonts and colors and really customize it. We found it to be very easy to use and have great reports on the back-end, and our customers were able to get a clear path to reduce their risk."

Adapts to our business model

"In our business, we have a little different model. We have auditors here that help perform HIPAA, high-tech and GDPR, CCPA assessments and walk our customers through. One thing that we've been able to roll out with Brilliant Assessments is the ability for our customers to perform their own self-assessment. So this means that they will get the link, it's a custom link, they'll click on the link and they'll walk themselves through the assessment and then our auditors will automatically get the report so that they can review it."

Brilliant Assessments gave us new business opportunities

"So it's helped us actually add another business line to our business, of our customers being able to perform their own assessments. So now it's additional revenue streams. It's been very flexible. The Brilliant Assessments team is really good at categorizing, kind of triaging, the urgency. So what we've found works well is just saying, "Hey, there's a system down," which we haven't had, to, "Hey, can we change some functionality?" They've been great about reaching back out within the business day and going ahead and asking us how they can help and how they can serve us. So the support's been spot on."

Great to have Brilliant Assessments as a partner

"They've done a great job and just really great to have them as an assessment partner. I'd recommend Brilliant Assessments for anyone that has a small business to a medium and large-size business. Some of the items that we like at here at Vanrein Compliance is the ability to send out assessments to our customers so they can perform their own assessments."

Assessments have allowed us to scale and grow

"It's allowed us to scale and grow and be able to use the automation within the tool. It also has freed up the time of our auditors to be able to really hone in and focus on those assessments. So having the ability of a small to medium size business to use the platform to send the assessments for your customers to perform and complete, and also for our internal auditors to complete, really makes it a robust tool for you and your team."

Use Iterations to automate reassessments

Since this video was made VanRein has continued to take advantage of Brilliant Assessments' continuous innovation, implementing Iterations for their client assessments. Not only is the reassessment automatically generated with the previous responses copied to help speed the process, but Feedback Reports also now graphically show the improvements the clients are making.

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