Six till Six use Brilliant Assessments to power its Home Office backed Best Bar None program that assesses the compliance and customer experience of pubs, bars, and nightclubs in England and Wales.
Six till Six have several comprehensive assessments that assessors use to score venues under a variety of criteria to produce a detailed report on how the venue rates, with recommendations for improvement.

Debbie Says:

"My name's Debbie Oger and I'm the administrator for Best Bar None. Best Bar None is a home office-backed national accreditation scheme that helps to recognize good practice and raise standards within pubs, bars, and nightclubs in England and Wales. We don't just assess what is required by law of businesses. We also recognize and celebrate venues that go above and beyond to keep their customers and staff safe and provide an enjoyable experience."

Assessor Driven Assessment with 120 questions

"We have built the Best Barn None assessment using the Brilliant Assessments platform and use it to carry out our annual onsite assessments of venues. We have 120 questions grouped into four key themes. We use the flexible functionality of the system to make notes against the answers and collect other evidence if helpful. For example, attaching photos. We needed a complex scoring system to be able to highlight the areas that were essential for a venue to become accredited and those that were bonus where they could go above and beyond."

The assessment produces a detailed report with recommendations for improvement.

"Once a venue has been assessed, the system generates a tailored report showing them where improvements could be made. We also use the platform to measure the impact Best Bar None has on various regions across the country, which in turn allows us to see trends and offer support where needed. We've used Brilliant Assessments to assist hospitality venues to get ready to reopen after the recent closures due to the pandemic."

Other Solutions are too rigid and overly complicated

"We looked into a number of different solutions and we found that they were often too rigid for our needs, overly complicated to set up and manage, and outside of our budget. Brilliant Assessments delivered everything we needed in a self-managed way. It's very flexible and offers great value for money. Brilliant Assessments is definitely delivering the benefits we were hoping for and much, much more, and we've had positive feedback from the companies in areas that we work with, especially around the tailored reports and inbuilt scoring."

New Opportunities with the platform

"We have already achieved what we set out to accomplish. However, we're already looking at the next opportunities that Brilliant Assessments can give us. This includes mystery shopping, and spot check visits, for example."

Fantastic Support from Brilliant Assessments

"The support we've received from Brilliant Assessments has been fantastic, from demonstrations on how to set up the assessment in the best way to ad hoc requests and questions. I've not yet come across something that they couldn't help with or was too difficult, and they are super quick to respond, which is so important to us.

Having this type of support has been invaluable in allowing us to be able to get set up to start doing these assessments. I would recommend Brilliant Assessments to anyone who is looking for a digital solution to developing assessments that is flexible, cost-effective, and very well supported."

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