My Green Lab uses Brilliant Assessments to power their program to build a global culture of sustainability in science.
My Green Lab:

Rachel Says:

"My name is Rachael Relph, and I am the chief sustainability officer with My Green Lab. My Green Lab is a nonprofit organization that works with laboratories and science-based organizations all over the world to help build a culture of sustainability in science.

Brilliant Assessments really has been a very powerful tool for us with this program because we have been able to customize it really to meet the needs that we have for what is actually a very complex program.

Detailed Assessment

"We use the Brilliant Assessments platform to support our My Green Lab certification program. And this is a program where we use Brilliant Assessments as an online self-assessment survey to ask scientists working in a laboratory a whole variety of questions about how they work in the lab. What kinds of equipment they're using, how they're using and maintaining it, how they're making purchasing decisions, how they manage materials once they're in the lab and how they dispose of them at end of life. 175 Questions in all. So we really have a very comprehensive assessment that we are asking scientists to fill out, and we use Brilliant Assessments to do all of that.

But It is a multi-step process. So rather than this being a one-time audit, we're asking them how they're working in the lab today and use the cohort feedback report to give feedback to the laboratories so that they can figure out what changes they can make.

Cohort Initiations

"We are using the cohort initiation process to keep track of all of the laboratories that we are working with, as we are working with dozens of organizations and hundreds of laboratories all across the world. It's really a very, very helpful way for us to be able to track them as they are going through our program.

Cohort Iterations

"The iteration process in Brilliant Assessments allows us to be able to keep track of how an individual laboratory is going through our program but also gives us a lot of functionality to make sure that we're reminding people when it's time for them to take their certification or when it's time for them to actually come back and re-certify their lab after a couple of years.

Detailed Feedback Reporting

"It's really, really valuable for us to be able to set the scoring within Brilliant Assessments, to be able to use the collective responses of people in the laboratory to set different score levels and therefore provide different types of feedback, be able to give them different levels of information that's going to help them to make the right decision as they're thinking about how they're going to take action on these sustainability topics.


"As we started out with Brilliant Assessments we really were very basic in what we wanted to be able to do and really didn't take advantage of a lot of the functionality that it had, and that met our needs for a time, but it has been very transformative for us to be able to take advantage of more and more of the features that Brilliant Assessments has. And as we look down the road at how we want to develop and grow this program even further, there is even more functionality that Brilliant Assessments already has in place that we're going to be taking advantage of.

Allowing Customers to manage their responses

"Some of this transformation is related to allowing organizations to sign up to take assessments on their own, to be able to manage their own administration of the assessment, generating their own reports and things like that. That is really going to allow us to scale our program and really support even more and more scientific organizations. So we are very excited about all of those functionalities and excited about working with Brilliant Assessments to continue to think about new ways that we can support the evolution of this platform.


"I think It's almost hard to rate the support that we have received from Brilliant Assessments because it has been so phenomenal. Every time we have a question, it is so easy to get on a call with Brilliant Assessments, and we quickly talk through it, and we quickly get a resolution on it. The email support has also been fantastic, as I have gone through and when I make mistakes, I get help in correcting them. Or, maybe I notice something that we need to make a change to and they help us, really, like I said, to evolve what Brilliant Assessments can do in order to be able to meet our needs and what we want to do with the program.  I'm really, really grateful to Brilliant Assessments for all that they've enabled us to do over the last few years of working with them.


"I do actually recommend Brilliant Assessments to a lot of people that we work with because I think it really is a very powerful platform."

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