Progress Coaching is a pioneer in the workplace coaching movement with over 26 years of experience helping organizations increase engagement, develop and retain top talent, and create a strong workplace culture by developing managers into coaches. Progress Coaching Leader

Tim says:

"This is Tim Hagen from Progress Coaching, and for 25 plus years we've been teaching coaching in the workplace, and now everything is about measurement and data and things like that. I'd say about two years ago we embarked on a search for a company that would help us build our own assessments."

We wanted something specific to what we do

"Now, in our business, there are tons of assessments out there like Myers-Briggs, DISC, the Culture Index, and Predictive Index, yet we wanted something specific to what we do. I didn't want to pay a software firm tons and tons of money and then be reliant upon them. So essentially, we were looking for a platform and we really only found two companies that do this, and the company we chose was Brilliant Assessments."

Differentiates us from the competition

"We found their company and immediately fell in love with the platform. We now have our own coaching platform that completely differentiates us from the competition. We actually use the platform to measure people's coachability and approachability in the workplace, and what we love is it creates a report, and the report can be edited and updated, especially with the changing times, especially in our business, it has served us incredibly well."

Itemized report with actionable feedback

"And so when people get a report, they get about a 16-to-17-page report, itemizing the results, giving them thoughtful instruction of what they can do based on the results, and then we also get the report and can have the report automated to the leader. It's seamless, it's completely transparent. I mean, it is so easy to implement."

Absolutely love the Brilliant Assessments platform

"So I wanted to just give a shout-out to Brilliant Assessments, we've absolutely loved the platform. If you're a trainer, coach, consultant, looking to build your own tools, there is not a better platform than Brilliant Assessments."

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