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Brilliant Assessments provide a comprehensive assessment platform that immediately delivers the highest quality, detailed, and focused feedback reports to the respondent, 360 participants, or team of any size. We are committed to creating an innovative assessment platform that goes much further than our competitors and have consistently delivered on this mission. With an exceptional development team and Customer Success managers with deep, hands-on experience managing the many facets of creating world-class assessments, we help you turn your assessment goals into reality.
Our self-service assessment platform is intuitive, efficient,  top-quality, and robust. Our promise is to work closely with you to help create highly innovative, beautiful, and unique assessments specific to your organization and its needs.
We take a long-term view, keeping the software pricing as cost-effective as possible and investing in our customer's success with unlimited free access to Customer Success Managers.
We were founded in New Zealand. We established our first U.S. Office in 2017 to support the North American market, and our London office in 2021 to support the UK and European markets.
Graeme Frost, Founder and CEO

Graeme Frost, CEO

"Brilliant Assessments is my third startup software business as a founder. We grew the first one to have 250+ employees and were listed on the London Stock Exchange. After its sale, we reflected on how we could identify the ten people who really made a difference in that business. When I founded Brilliant Assessments, I thought - "what if we only had those ten people!"

That ultra-lean company principle is the foundation of our success.

  • Our developers are proven 10x performers, each with well over twenty years of software development experience. The size of the team means they are not stuck in meetings or negotiating plans with project managers - they are self-managing and totally focused on developing great software at speed.
  • Our Customer Success Managers have many years of business experience, are expert problem solvers, and "out of the box" thinkers. Again, they are self-managing and 100% dedicated to working with customers.
  • We were early adopters of the "gig economy" and utilize a diverse array of very experienced people for specialist tasks. We don't have a need to have people "on staff."
  • The size of the team means we rarely need meetings to "bring people up to speed" or "to build the team." Great people enjoy working with great people - the team is tight.
  • This ultra-lean approach makes us extremely nimble and profitable, meaning we haven't needed investors. Founders often become investor and internally focused. (Been there!)
  • I love that I can focus on my passion - working with customers to continue to innovate to help grow their assessment operations. Our continuous enhancement of the software will never stop."

Graeme is based in our Miami office to give the best possible time zone coverage to our customers.

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