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Brilliant Assessments provides assessments to businesses that want more than just basic results. Our assessments produce useful data, but also immediately deliver detailed and focused feedback to the respondent. We are committed to creating assessment software that goes much further than the usual survey software, and have had great success in this mission. With an exceptional development team and Customer Success managers with deep, hands-on experience managing the many facets of creating world-class assessments, we help you turn your assessment goals into reality.
Our assessment software is intuitive, efficient, user-friendly, top-quality, and reliable. Our promise is to work closely with you to cost-effectively create highly innovative, beautiful, and unique assessments specific to your organisation and its needs. Our Brilliant Assessment software, experienced team of developers, and — if you require it — assessment authors, are all available to help you achieve your precise assessment goals. We established our first U.S. Office in Manhattan Beach, California in 2017 to support the North American market, and our London office in 2021 to support the UK and European markets.

Graeme Frost, CEO

“The experience I have gained in working with a wide variety of companies has been extremely satisfying to me. We have partnered with the companies ranging from the world’s largest dairy exporter to small start-ups who have great ideas with global potential.”

“My passions are:

  • Software innovation: delivering businesses the  significant commercial advantage of clever software design, and managing the development process to deliver brilliant software.
  • Providing quality assessment solutions through Brilliant Assessments to organisations who want to use technology to engage their audience.
  • Working closely with customers to deliver the promise of the platform for their particular requirements.”

Graeme is based in our Manhattan Beach, California office.

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