People Untapped is a People and Organization Development consultancy, specializing in interventions that unlock the untapped potential in people, teams, and organizations. They offer a full spectrum of learning and development services, and through their worldwide network of expert coaches, facilitators and consultants, they have the infrastructure, capability, and experience to deliver globally. People Untapped - Business Training, Coaching and Consultancy

Helen says:

"I'm Helen Hambleton. I'm the CEO and founder of People Untapped. We're a global learning and development provider, and we provide training and development solutions for global corporates and small tech startups across a whole range of soft skills, be that executive coaching, team development, professional skills development, management, and leadership training.

Assessments measure the effectiveness of training

"Originally, I'm a scientist by training, and measuring capability in a space that is quite soft and quite ambiguous has always been something that has been very important to me; to be able to measure whether the work that we are doing is actually making an impact, making a difference to the delegates and the learners that we work with. For many years now, we've been using assessments in a variety of formats, some quite simple and rudimentary and some more complex, to be able to measure and assess where a delegate or a coachee is at the beginning of their journey and where they get to once we've finished our work with them.

Needed a dynamic assessment platform

"I've been looking for a while for a solution that would be more dynamic. Rather than just giving a delegate or a learner a snapshot in time of their capabilities, would actually give them, based on a self-assessment or a 360, some recommendations of what they could do as a result.

"I was scouring the world really for platforms where there was a level of dynamic reporting so we could easily manage 360 processes with lots of delegates and lots of respondents and not be doing that manually, but also so that we could have a level of recommendation and that dynamism in reporting.

Brilliant Assessments deliver what we need

"We're discovering probably different capabilities that it has over time, and it is enabling us to really help clients, for example, to create a training needs analysis to identify what their priority development needs are if we get lots of people in their organization to complete a diagnostic.

It's also enabling us to do repeat assessments or iterations. We might do a 360 at the beginning of a program, and we might do a repeat 360 six months later, to be able to actually look at what's changed over that time. That repeatability, and also the recommendations and the bespoke nature of the reports, is really delivering what we were looking for.

Brilliant Assessments functionality gives further opportunities

"We are continuing to explore its functionality and where we can use it to its full advantage. We are in the process of moving all of our core product assessments and diagnostics across to the Brilliant Assessments platform. The reports are just more professional, and the administration is more straightforward than us doing things manually, using more rudimentary survey-type platforms. It is giving us more opportunities. We are looking to move our coaching diagnostics across to it as well shortly, in the next couple of months, as well high performing team coaching diagnostics. That is definitely giving us greater scope. We are certainly finding that where we've got a large volume of delegates or large volume of respondents, Brilliant Assessments really enables us to manage programs at scale globally.

Brilliant Assessments cares about our success

"We're continually stretching its capabilities and challenging Brilliant Assessments to add more functionality or show us how we can do something that we've got a vision of, but we don't quite know how to do it. The team has been really responsive and supportive of us in that partnership.

Brilliant Assessments can deliver results for any training organization

"Firstly, if you're working in-house in an organization and you're looking to develop your own bespoke assessments, maybe company branded, that you are managing in-house and you've got volume, then Brilliant Assessments would definitely be worth a look.

Then secondly, if, like us, you're an organization that supports multiple clients and you have core assessments or core diagnostics you want to repeat time and time again, but maybe in slightly different flavors for different clients, then it's a great platform to start using.


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